Craig's Story

   Multiple nominee and winner of CCMA's Drummer Of The Year, Special Instrument Of The Year (banjo) and Backup Band Of The Year, Craig has enjoyed a very successful career recording and playing live concerts for some of today's best artists and musicians.    Since 1995 he has been the driving force and music director for multiple Juno award winning Susan Aglukark's concerts, using a unique blend of traditional drum kit and world percussion to recreate her beautiful CDs live.  

   Craig's "rootsy" approach to drumming and banjo playing has also found him touring extensively with John Cowan (Doobie Brothers/Newgrass Revival and Vassar Clements (the father of Hillbilly Jazz) throughout the US.

  Currently he's either recording for or touring with a long list of artists including....Susan Aglukark, Tom Jackson,  Matt Dusk,  Sarah Slean, Amy Sky  John Cowan,  and many more. This year Craig also became a member of the highly touted "Western Swing Project" and also spends a great deal of his time with the band  "Pear"  playing as a trio throughout North America and China.  Pear's  acoustic approach to their music, musicianship and vocals are second to none!!!  The newest project he has on the go is an acoustic duo with his wife Suzanne Levesque. "Over The Moon" is a rootsy, vocal based group that features the great two part vocal blend they have together.

   His record credits include... Susan Aglukark, John Cowan, The Arrogant Worms, The Wilkinsons,  Fred Eaglesmith,  Frank Mills,  Tom Jackson,  Pear,  George Fox,   Beverley Mahood,  Lace, The Traveling Mables,  Jamie Warren,  Sean Hogan , John name a few...

                                                                     Craig with Vassar Clements and John Cowan